Orbweaver from South Africa

Subject: Beautiful South African spider
Location: Mpumalanga, South Africa
November 25, 2014 8:11 am
Hi there. This spider is sitting on a huge web outside the window of our chalet in sanbonani, hazyview South Africa.
Hoping you can identify since all my googling has proven useless.
Signature: Cait, bug enthusiast


Hi Cait, bug enthusiast,
Though there are not prominent markings on its abdomen, we believe your Orbweaver in the genus
Argiope is most likely Argiope australis, the Garden Orbweaver, which is pictured on iSpot.  Because of the zigzag stabilimentum that is incorporated in the web, Argiope Spiders are sometimes called Writing Spiders.

Thanks! I had narrowed it down to the orb web species but couldn’t seem to find one with such a plain body.
Photos don’t do it justice. It is really beautiful! And the tiny male is also on the web, just staying out of her way!
Thanks for such a speedy reply!!
Kind regards

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