Orbweaver and Prey

Subject: Marbled Orb Weaver and Wasp Lunch
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
August 17, 2014 9:00 am
Caught this beautiful girl preparing lunch in a Toronto, Ontario park the other day. I’m guessing that she is an Araneus diadematus. I don’t know who lunch was.
Signature: Vanessa – Photographer and friend of all spiders

Orbweaver eats Prey
Orbweaver eats Prey

Dear Vanessa – Photographer and friend of all spiders,
This certainly is an Orbweaver, and the prey might be a Sand Wasp.  We believe you have correctly identified the scientific name of this Orbweaver, Araneus diadematus, however the common name is Cross Spider or European Orbweaver, not Marbled Orbweaver.  See BugGuide for other images of Cross Spiders.  See BugGuide for some examples of Sand Wasps.

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  1. Thank you! I come across lots of orb weavers and love to photograph them. This was a bonus to catch her mid lunch. They are an impressive lot and usually very cooperative with the camera.


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