Subject: Hypsosinga pygmaea??
Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
October 26, 2015 11:17 am
Hi! I have found two of these spiders in my house in the past month. From what I’ve searched on the internet it looks like it’s a hypsosinga pygmaea. Can you please validate that for me?? And I can’t seem to find if they are venomous or not. Thank you in advance.
Signature: im not sure what this is asking?

Orbweaver:  Hypsosinga pygmaea

Orbweaver: Hypsosinga pygmaea

Congratulations on what we believe is a correct identification of a new species for our site, and we know how difficult some identifications can be.  We are basing our agreement with your identification on images posted to BugGuide, and though BugGuide has no specific information on the species we can generalize based on family information.  Most all spiders are venomous, but very few have either powerful enough venom to do damage to a human or strong enough mandibles to be able to bite a human.  Most spider bites will result in little more than local swelling and tenderness, so they are not a threat to humans.  Members of the family Araneidae, according to BugGuide, called:  “Orb weavers are very docile, non-aggressive spiders that will flee at the first sign of a threat (typically they will run or drop off the web). They are not dangerous to people & pets, and are actually quite beneficial because they will catch and eat a lot of pest-type insects. ”

Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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