Orbweaver from Florida

Subject: Very small central FL orb weaver
Location: Lakeland, FL
January 2, 2016 1:28 pm
I have searched here, bug guide and the general web but can’t identify this orb weaver. I only noticed it due to the web being wet from earlier rain, the web is in our lawn and the maximum diameter is maybe 4 inches so the spider is very small. If you look closely it has horned protuberances on the beginning of the abdomen.
Signature: Wendy H.


Dear Wendy,
We just returned from nearly two weeks away from the office and we are finally addressing some identification requests that arrived in our absence.  While we don’t have time to research the species at this time due to playing “catch up” with our lives, your images are quite beautiful and we will post them as unidentified until we have a chance to do some research.

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