Subject: Big Spiders surrounding house
Location: Central North Carolina
August 23, 2013 5:49 pm
We found numerous of these spiders around our house. We live in central North Carolina. My daughter is going to have a party outside and we want to know if they are poisonous and if they will be a risk to her and her friends. Please let me know as soon as possible!
Signature: Eric Anthony


Dear Eric,
This is an Orbweaver in the family Araneidae, probably in the genus
Araneus.  They are not considered dangerous, nor are they aggressive, but like many spiders, they are capable of biting if threatened or carelessly handled.  According to BugGuide:  “Being bitten by an orb weaver is very uncommon, and typically the individual was “asking” to be bitten. Orb weavers will only bite if they feel threatened and trapped without a chance for escape (e.g. – like trying to pick them up). A bite is often compared to a bee sting, and for most people, is nothing serious. However, it is recommended to observe them in their environments (e.g. – on their web) and not to pick them up.”  Tell the guests about the spiders and tell them to respect the spiders, but that they have no need to fear the spiders.

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