Orb Weavers

Found spiders (as opposed to lost ones…)
I spotted these two spiders on a particularly warm night here in Central Florida. Good night for spiders…bad night for bugs. Are either poisonous? The golden orb weaver is the largest I’ve seen in a LONG time around here (2-3 inches) and is quite alarming when not expected.

The other I have not been able to identify, but is also quite large…about 2 inches and very bulky. Attached are photos of the argiope and a front and back of the brown.
Love the site!
Leslie Lormann

Hi Leslie,
Thanks for sending the awesome photos. Your female Argiope aurantia exhibits a color variation we don’t see often in Los Angeles. She is still young and will fill with eggs, or else she may be very old, haveing already procreated. The bite of the Argiope can be painful, but is not serious. Your brown spider is a member of the genue Araneus, I believe, though we usually see them with striped legs.

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