Orb Weaver: Araneus cingulatus

(Image attached!) Tiny green spider with interesting markings! Georgetown, Ohio
(If you have already opened and read my first message, I offer my sincerest apologies. I did not attach the image in the previous message.)
I found this spider on a tomato plant in my backyard today. I realize the photograph is not as high-resolution as it could be, but this spider was only half the size of a grain of rice so it was somewhat difficult to get a good shot with my six megapixel camera. It’s like nothing I’ve seen before, and the yellow and red pattern on its back was astounding in its symmetry and seemed unusually detailed for an insect of this size. The closest thing I could find to it on your site was a spider referred to as Araneus Cingulatus, but, while somewhat similar in color and markings, varies in its size, shape, and type of pattern. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Alan K.

Hi Alan,
People are always sending us emails and forgetting to attach the images. This is an Orb Weaver, and it looks to be Araneus cingulatus based on an image posted to BugGuide.

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