Orange Sulphur

Greetings Bugman,
Great site and great service you perform. Been looking all over the web for a name to go with this fellow. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a sulphur of some sort. Every time I think I’ve identified it, the maps don’t indicate that my area has them. So far, I’ve considered Christina Sulphur, Little Sulphur and Orange Sulphur. My guess is, all three are wrong. Took this image along the Umpqua River in Elkton, (Southwest Coastal Range) Oregon – Douglas County, on 09/11/2007. Any suggestions? Thanks,
PS – Sorry for the image quality and missing portion of the wing, but the butterfly took off just as I took the shot – it’s actually airborne. When it landed again, it was on the other side of the river.

Hi Phil,
We believe this is an Orange Sulphur, Colias eurytheme. It is native to your region.

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