Caterpillars Second submission, once again from Hickory, NC. These caterpillars were all over town a week ago, but now they seem to either died or cocooned. Please identify and provide some background. Thanks!
Gene Annas

Hi Gene,
The website Caterpillars of Eastern Forests has a photo which identifies your caterpillar as an Orange-striped Oakworm (Anisota senatoria). The site says it is: “Charcoal black with orange-yellow stripes that fade appreciably in prepupal individuals. Head black. Second thoracic segment with long, black spinulose horns. Abdominal spines relatively small. Gregarious in early instars, then solitary. Occasionally reaches outbreak densities. One related species occurs in southern Ontario, and another in Florida and Georgia. Food: oaks and chestnuts. Caterpillar: August to October; 1 generation.” The adult moth is a pretty orange color.

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  1. ashtyn says:

    Hello my name is Ashtyn and I have found a orange striped oak worm and I was wondering if they are poisoness? So are they?

  2. Tammy says:

    Do they turn into butterflies?

  3. Nature says:

    I’m taking care of the bug but I to not know how?

  4. Donna G says:

    These caterpillars eat primarily oak leaves but sometimes maple and birch as well. Provide a few drops of water as well.

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