Orange Striped Oakworm

Some bug pics for you to enjoy
Hi Bugman,
I have a new hobby. Ever since I found your website (it was in an Earthlink newsletter I received) I have felt the need to identify all unknown bugs that cross my path. I also inform all witnesses of said bugs as to what kind of creature they witnessed. This is a rather peculiar hobby for me because I despise bugs, as they give me the heebie jeebies. My new hobby, however, has given me a new-found respect for these creatures. Since coming to your website, I have been able to identify a house centipede, the millipedes that were invading my home, a wolf spider (HEART ATTACK!) the orange striped oakworms that are busy, busy, busy in my driveway and the golden orb spider who has spun her web by my mailbox. I think you will be happy to know that, this time, instead of pointing and turning my head so my husband could squash them, I have mustered up the courage to take some pictures. They were taken outside of my home (thank God they were outside) in Matthews, NC (Charlotte area.) One is of an Orange Striped Oakworm and the other is a Golden Orb Spider. Please enjoy.
Thank you for your informative and fun website.
Kathy Richardson

Hi Kathy,
Your letter gives us such a warm feeling. We are thrilled that you are embracing photography as we are both photography instructors. We are also very happy that you now respect the Arthropods that you are encountering. We have decided to post your Orange Striped Oakworm, Anisota senatoria instead of the Golden Orb Weaver as we have many photos of that impressive spider.

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