Orange Potter Wasp from Australia is no longer Unknown

Australian Spider Wasp??
Hi, I have this ‘wasp’ nest outside one of our bedrooms. These are the best two identification photos I can find (top and side views) (If you need higher res photos I can provide). The best id I can come up with is Australian Spider wasp, but not everything matches (that I can see, but I dont really know anything) and some pictures of the spider wasp look more yellow than this one (more orange). This record also does not list South Australia, where we are located… Can you identify? How should this nest be dealt with? Thanks for any info on what exactly this is, and what we can do about it.

Hi Adam,
We agree that your wasp does not match the specimen in the link you provided. Many wasps feed on spiders You probably don’t need to do anything about the nest as very few wasps are aggressive. We don’t have the time now to properly identify this lovely wasp, but we hope Grev, a frequent contributor to our site from Australia might have an idea.

Dear Bugman,
Could Adam’s wasp be a Potter Wasp? See
Kind regards, Grev

Hi Grev,
We knew you would come through with this answer. Orange Potter Wasp, Eumenes latreilli, is a “spot on” identification. Thanks for your valuable input.

Update: (11/27/2007) ID of that unknown Australian Wasp
Hi guys, I think that wasp from Adam is most likely an Orange Potter Wasp, one of the mud wasp family. Check this link I got a pic of one of these guys last weekend landing on a puddle of water and drinking but I haven’t processed it yet. The pics on that link are pretty clear though. Keep up the good work guys.
Trevor Jinks

Hi Trevor,
Thanks so much for the information. We would love to post your detailed photo if you have an opportunity to send it our way.

Update:  February 26, 2013
In retrospect, we now believe this is a different species of Potter Wasp.  It looks more like
Abispa ephippium, which is pictured on the Brisbane Insect Website.


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