Orange Dog and Giant Swallowtail Chrysalis

orange dog images
Hi, I found your site while googling to indentify another caterpillar. Great site! If you would like some orange dog shots, here they are. We have a pet key lime tree and some grapefruits that are for a client. I pick all the larvae off the grapefruits and transfer them to the key lime, and my four year old is an avid orange dog rescuer as well! I think you forgot to mention that in addition to giving off the odor when they produce the antennae(which smells kind of like really strong orange oil to me), they look like a blob of bird poop. Very truly yours,
Lynnae Dehoff in West Palm Beach, FL

Hi Lynnae,
Thanks ever so much for sending us your wonderful images of the Orange Dog and the next stage in the metamorphosis of the Giant Swallowtail, the Chrysalis.

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