Orange Collared Scape Moth

Subject:  Moth ID confirmation
Geographic location of the bug:  Evergreen Park Illinois
Date: 09/11/2017
Time: 01:34 PM EDT
Good afternoon:
I believe I have a Virginia Ctenucha Moth visiting my showy goldenrod and searching your site I see there has been no recent images uploaded so I am sending a few. I have also seen them feeding on boneset flowers but they do seem to prefer the goldenrod. I always look for these ‘buggers’ in September as a reminder fall is quickly on its way.
How you want your letter signed:  Just chillin…………

Orange Collared Scape Moth

Though your individual greatly resembles a Virginia Ctenucha Moth, it is actually an Orange Collared Scape Moth, Cisseps fulvicollis, a member of the same subfamily.  We have actually made this same mistake.  The Virginia Ctenucha is black behind the head as in this Bugguide image, while the Scape Moth has an orange or yellow collar, as in this BugGuide image.

Orange Collared Scape Moth
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