Milkweed Assassin Bug

I was hoping that you could help me Identify a new bug that we’ve recently found in our yard. I’ve never seen this bug before and this summer it is all over our yard. I live in South Texas . It’s not very long, about 1⁄2 an inch or so, and looks like it has under developed wings on it’s back. Thanks for your help.

Hi Tonia,
You have sent in a beautiful photo of an Assassin Bug nymph, Family Reduviidae. I cannot give you an exact species. These bugs are friends of the gardener. They have ravenous appetites and will help control harmful insect pests in your yard naturally. There is a minor downside. Treat them with respect. They can inflict a painful bite with that sucking mouth of theirs. There is an irritant that is released when the bug bites, probably associated with digestion, but the effect is mild. Once again, the bite is painful.

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