One Spotted Prepona from Colombia

Subject: butterflies/moths
Location: Colombia, South America
March 28, 2016 10:28 am
Hello Bugman, well, here are a few insects that I haven’t’ been able to identify. I was travelling through Colombia in January when I spotted these interesting bugs. If you can help me with these critters I’d be eternally grateful!
Happy Easter!
Signature: Coral

One Spotted Prepona
One Spotted Prepona

Hi again Coral,
Though by our count there are five spots on the hindwing, yet for some reason your butterfly,
Archaeoprepona demophon, is known as the One Spotted Prepona.  We identified it on Neotropical Butterflies and verified that identification on the North American Butterfly Association site.  Learn About Butterflies calls it the Demophon Shoemaker and states:  “Males perch on tree trunks or on foliage, sitting facing head-downwards and with wings half open. They take part in impressive aerial sorties, chasing each other in broad circles around the tree tops. After each sortie they each return to their original perch.  Both sexes commonly feed at sap runs, rotting fruit, and less commonly at urine, dung or carrion. They descend from the tree tops in a series of steps, pausing for a few minutes at various points on the tree trunk or on foliage.”   Your individual appears to be feeding on rotting fruit.

Hi Daniel, Thank you so much for helping me with the identification of my butterflies!!! It’s so exciting to be finally able to name them!  Keep up the great work!

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