One Eyed Sphinx or perhaps Saliset Sphinx

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I live near Los Angeles, CA and saw this fella laying some eggs on a tire of a car the other day and thought I would take some pictures of it. It was sitting totally still and I wanted to see if I could get a closer look. I decided to see if I could get it to spread its wings a little so I took a little twig and touched its wing. To my surprise it spread its wings and started dancing about. It showed these really cool markings on it’s inner wing that looked like big eyes. The inner wings were brightly colored compared to the rest of its brown body. It was sure cool to see. I wanted to see what kind of moth it was and stumbled across your site. I am hoping you will be able answer my question. Best Regards,

Hi Mike,
We believe this is a One Eyed Sphinx, Smerinthus cerisyi, sometimes called Cerisy’s Sphinx. This species is found in California, but we thought it was limited to the more northern parts of the state. Your moth also resembles the Salicet Sphinx, Smerinthus saliceti, which is found in San Diego county and points south. Our money is on the former, the One Eyed Sphinx, but the two moths look remarkable similar. We may try to contact Bill Oehlke to see if he has a definitive answer.

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  1. i cought this moth and had to look it up to see what kind it was. i have seen alot of big moths but never one like this. it was on my front door for four days with out ever moving so i assumed it to be dead however, when i went to get it off my door it moved! the weird part is as soon as i put it in the jar the blue eye like spots were gone. maybe wings turned in but they dont look as if they have changed shape any. should i put it back out side in the grass? i dont want it on my door but i dont want it on my grass for four more days where it gets mowed by kids or lawn mower….


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