One Eyed Sphinx

what’s this?
700 email. Yikes! My daughter and I were trying to find this moth on your website. It was attached to the wall next to our front door this afternoon. It seemed near death. It has since moved to our door mat and doesn’t seem to have much energy. We have no idea what it is, though it is the largest moth we have seen in San Francisco. Thanks for any help.
Kim Girard
and Kate (who is 4 in August and likes to sing "There ain’t no bugs on me.")

Hi Kate and Kim,
Whoever thought that an appropriate common name for Smerinthus cerisyi was the One Eyed Sphinx does not see very well because a pair of eyespots on the underwings is very evident. Perhaps you couldn’t locate this lovely moth because previous images can be found on our Sphinx Moth pages.

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