Oleander Hawkmoth Caterpillar from the Philippines

Subject:  Caterpillar
Geographic location of the bug:  Rizal, Philippines
Date: 01/18/2018
Time: 01:40 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Please help me identify the exact genus and species of this caterpillar.
How you want your letter signed:  Kaye

Oleander Hawkmoth Caterpillar

Dear Kaye,
Most of the Oleander Hawkmoth Caterpillars,
Daphnis nerii, on our site are more mature, indeed many are pre-pupal.  Thanks for sending an image of an earlier instar that has a longer, more delicate caudal horn.  You can find a similar looking image on Sphingidae of the Western Palaearctic.  As the name indicates, the larvae of the Oleander Hawkmoth feed on the leaves of oleander.

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