Oleander Hawkmoth and another Sphinx

Hummingbird Moth and another in Zambia, Africa
I am a Canadian, and freelance journalist, living in Zambia (for the last 3 years) where my husband is a commercial pilot. The hummingbird moth in Zambia is fascinating to watch and I would like to do a story about this for a Zambian Travel publication. Thank you for your website which is very interesting. I am attaching a photograph I was able to take of the ‘Zambian’ hummingbird moth in my garden. I would be most grateful if you could identify (conclusively) for me its name and any other insights you may have. One aspect that I have noticed is – it only comes out to eat at the flowers after a rain shower or indeed during light rains. I am also attaching a photo of another moth that I recently discovered on our car tyre. I did not see it in flight but was astounded by its beauty and would appreciate any information you can give me on this too. Many thanks for your help.Yours sincerely,
Gillian Slade

Hi Gillian,
First you should know that Hummingbird Moth does not refer to a single species. Moths in the family Sphingidae are referred to commonly as Sphinx Moths. Some are also known collectively as Hawkmoths or Hummingbird Moths. Hummingbird Moths are usually day flying species that are often confused for Hummingbirds. That said, we do not know what species your Hummingbird Moth is. The photo isn’t detailed enough. Your other moth is a member of the same family and is commonly referred to as the Oleander Hawkmoth, Daphnis nerii. Hope that helps begin your story research.

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