Oleander Hawkmoth

Pandora Sphinx??
Location: Oman, Middle East
February 20, 2012 2:13 am
Dear Mr Bugman
I am currently living in Muscat in Oman and this morning I found this moth lazing on the leg of a chair in my garden. I did some research and it led me to your site and I (think) it might be a Pandora Sphinx Moth….. Is this correct? Do they come to the Middle East (Oman)?
Thank you
Signature: Alex

Oleander Hawkmoth

Dear Alex,
While your moth does superficially resemble a Pandora Sphinx, that North American species would not be found in the middle east.  The Oleander Hawkmoth, however, can be found in your area and that is the correct identification for this beautiful moth.

3 thoughts on “Oleander Hawkmoth”

  1. Thank you very much for your reply and for posting the moth on your website.

    After I emailed you, I did more research and discovered that it was indeed the Oleander Moth.

    It disappeared in the evening, but is now back in my garden this morning resting on one of the wooden veranda legs 🙂 It seems very happy there, so I shall welcome it into the garden.

    Thank you again,



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