Oleander Hawk Moth Caterpillar

oleander hawkmoth (sphinx)?
Dear Bugman,
Thanks for a great website! I found your site while trying to identify a caterpillar that we found on the gardenia bush in our garden in Khartoum, Sudan. I didn’t find the same caterpillar on your site, but found enough lookalikes to be sure that it was a hawkmoth / sphinx caterpillar (I’d thought it was a butterfly caterpillar) and so was able to find it by searching on “gardenia” and “hawkmoth”. It’s almost identical to the caterpillar on this page: http://tpittaway.tripod.com/sphinx/d_ner.htm It eats faster than any caterpillar I’ve ever seen, and is now as big asmy index finger (it had just hatched when I found it) Looking for more information, I ended up back on your site where you have quite a few pictures of the adult moths, all from Hawaii, I think. We also get a lot of swallowtails on our lemon trees. Any idea what type of swallowtails these are? (not much tail in evidence, I know, but it is a swallowtail isn’t it? The caterpillars and crysallis look right.
Thanks again for fascinating website- I’ll certainly visit often as my kids and I are avid bug hunters, and find it difficult to identify much of what we find, as I’m more familiar with the bugs found back home in England.

Hi Katy,
We are very happy you sent in your Oleander Sphinx Caterpillar as it will help other readers identify their caterpillars. We are unsure what species of swallowtail in Sudan feeds on lemon.

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