Occisa Rubyspot Damselfly from Belize

Occisa Rubyspot (Hetaerina – Part 2)
Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 6:14 PM
To follow-up my previous post of the American Rubyspot (Hetaerina americana), I am submitting these photos of a male and female Occisa Rubyspot (H. occisa). There are at least 37 Hetaerina species in the Americas, all but 3 of which are limited to Central and South America.  These photos were taken in 2007 while canoeing on the Macal River in western Belize. Cheers.

Occisa Rubyspot Damselfly Male
Occisa Rubyspot Damselfly Male

Hi Karl,
Once again, thanks for a wonderful decription and photos of a Central American relative of the American Rubyspot Damselfly.

Occisa Rubyspot Damselfly Female
Occisa Rubyspot Damselfly Female
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