Oak Treehopper

i need to find out what kind of insect this is and its classification in detail please asap!
March 3, 2010
Hi, I am trying to identify this insect for my professor and I have been unsuccessful so far. I am going to upload a picture of the insect and hope that you can help me …..please let me know asap thank you
meagan orendorff

Oak Treehoppers

Ed. Note: Meagan did not indicate if her urgent need was personal or if a grade is involved for Professor Adams’ class as his name is listed as the file name for the image.  Typically, we respond to queries directly as well as posting to our website, but in this instance, we want to bypass the personal response in the hope that Meagan will return to our site where she can find the answer.  We are amused that “tree” was used to identify the location, while we typically receive a state or country in that field of our form.  These are Oak Treehoppers, Platycotis vittata, and according to BugGuide:  “Its Nearctic range is in a horseshoe shape, taking in the mid-Atlantic states, the southeastern states, the Deep South, Arizona, California, and Oregon. Present in some midwestern states such as Ohio, but lacking in the Plains states and Rockies. The species has been reported from Vancouver Island in Canada. It has also been reported from Mexico and Brazil. BugGuide also indicates it “Does almost no damage to the host trees—leaves only a few twig scars from oviposition.”

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