Oak Leafrollers: Caterpillars drop from trees in Florida

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Location: St. Petersburg, FL
March 7, 2011 2:58 pm
We’ve been seeing many of these drop from our trees recently (mostly from oak trees). In the past few days there have been hundreds around our house and we’ve been seeing them drop from trees all over the neighborhood this weekend. They are green, with a black head and appear to be some sort of larvae but not sure. Some are really tiny while others more than an inch long. They drop down on a silk-like thread so it now looks like we have spider webs all over. Any idea what they are, or what they will become?
Signature: Greg

Oak Leafroller

Green caterpillers
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
March 14, 2011 10:52 am
I recently sent in a picture of green worm looking bugs that hang on a thread of silk from our Oak trees. I just came accross this new item about them.
Caterpillars invade Tampa Bay!
”Jane Morse, with the Pinellas County Extension says the caterpillars are the larvae of either oak leafrollers or oakleaftier moths”
Just wanted to let you know!
Signature: Greg

Oak Leafroller

Dear Greg,
We apologize for not writing back to you.  We had every intention of trying to identify this caterpillar phenomenon, but we got very busy with a personal matter.  We are very happy you wrote back and provided a link to a news story on the Oak Leafroller or Oakleaftier Moth Caterpillars.  Unfortunately, Jane Morse did not supply a scientific name for the Oak Leafroller or Oakleaftier Moths, but we did locate a Texas A&M Agricultural Extension Service webpage article that has some great information.  BugGuide provides the scientific name 
Argyrotaenia quercifoliana for the Oak Leafroller.

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  1. These are everywhere all over my house my shrubs { their eating } I don’t care what they are what kills them- I have 4 different types coming out of the oak trees.


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