Subject: Moth ID
Location: Northern Spain
June 3, 2017 6:47 am
Hi Could you please identify this moth for me, I found it while on holiday in Northern Spain in the Pyrenees at the end of May this year. Thank you
Signature: Tony Mellor

Oak Hawkmoth: Marumba quercus

Dear Tony,
Your image is gorgeous.  We just posted an image of this moth,
Marumba quercus, to our site, but your image really showcases the subtle beauty of this species.  According to iNaturalist, it is commonly called the Oak Hawkmoth.  The Amateur Entomologists’ Society provides detailed information on raising this species.  According to Lepidoptera and their Ecology:  “Marumba quercus occurs in dry and warm oak woodland in the Mediterranean and Supramediterranean region” and “Marumba quercus occurs from North Africa (Morocco) across most of Southern Europe to parts of Asia (Caspian Sea). In Europa, the northernmost populations seem to occur in Hungary and Slowakia. In Central Europe Lake Garda is likely to be the northernmost point.”

Great, thanks!

Location: Pyrenees, Spain

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