Nursery Web Spider called “Truly awful”

Subject: Truly awful spider
Location: Eastern PA
May 20, 2013 5:47 pm
This was spotted on a warm morning in May in Pennsylvania, in a flat space between a gate and the post it goes up against. It was identified (I think incorrectly) at brown recluse spider. Any idea what this guy is?
Signature: Joe

Nursery Web Spider:  Pisaurina mira
Nursery Web Spider: Pisaurina mira

You should be ashamed of yourself calling this Nursery Web Spider “Truly awful.”  Nursery Web Spiders, which include Fishing Spiders, are along with Wolf Spiders among the best mothers in the arachnid world.  The female Nursery Web Spider carries her eggs in her chelicerae or jaws and eventually finds a safe place when the eggs are getting ready to hatch.  The safe place is often in a low tree or shrub and she spins a nursery web which she continues to guard.  We believe your Nursery Web Spider is
Pisaurina mira.
P.S.  Here is a link to the Brown Recluse.

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  1. Also, it might be helpful to post a link to what a Brown Recluse ACTUALLY looks like, as the misconception that any small to mid-sized spider that happens to be brown is a Recluse causes a lot of unnecessary carnage to beneficial spiders like that one.

    Here’s one of the best ID photos (I think) that you’ve posted:

    The key, as my outdoorsman father taught me, is to look for hair on the legs. If it has a noticeable growth of hair, you *know* it’s not a Recluse. Just scoop it up and take it outside.


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