Subject: Wolf spider?
Location: Vermont
May 27, 2017 7:46 pm
We see spiders here all the time in the woods of Northern New England. I am guessing this is a wolf spider that looks like it was successful in getting supper. He was on our screen door outside. Curious if I am correct and thought it would make a cool picture. He is not camera shy or timid.
Signature: Jim

Nursery Web Spider

Dear Jim,
This is the second image of a Nursery Web Spider,
Pisaurina mira, we are posting today.  Nursery Web Spiders do not build a web to snare prey.  They hunt without webs.  The female constructs a web to act as a nursery for her spiderlings once she locates an appropriate location to house the egg case she carries with her.

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Location: Vermont

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