Nursery Web Spider

Spider I between front door and glass door
Location: Gloucester, Virginia
January 14, 2011 12:43 am
I have never seen a spider like this before, nor have I since taking this picture. I took it with my cell phone so its not the best in the world but you can get the idea. It was whitish with a dark maybe black line all the way down its body. It was pretty big also.
Signature: Sleeps

Nursery Web Spider

Dear Sleeps,
This gorgeous spider is
Pisaurina mira, a harmless Nursery Web Spider, and by the looks of her full body, she is ready to lay eggs.  A Nursery Web Spider constructs a nursery web for the eggs and spiderlings and fiercely guard her brood.

I am glad I caught her and released her in the woods then.  I normally kill spiders that get inside the house but this one looked different so I decided to let it go.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  She is much better off in the woods where she can protect her brood.

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