Nursery Web Spider

Who was spying on my photo session
Mon, May 25, 2009 at 1:51 PM
I found this spider crawling on the ground next to me while taking photos of a big ol’ wolf spider. I went ahead and gathered him up to get him in on the photo shoot. He didn’t seem quite as content sitting on top of the rock as the larger wolf spider, camera shy I guess. Obviously I cant seem to figure out what it is, the guides on the net seem to be pretty lacking. The closest I can gather is this is another species of wolf spider, some characteristics look similar but not distinct enough for me to tell.
Northern Michigan, USA

Nursery Web Spider
Nursery Web Spider

Hi Scott,
Though the markings are atypical, we suspected that this was a Nursery Web Spider.  Upon looking through the images posted to BugGuide, we located an individual with nearly identical markings identified as Pisaurina mira.  The Nursery Web Spider, which is related to the Dolomedes Fishing Spiders, is a beautiful and fascinating species.

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