Not Satan’s Pet: Giant Water Bug

Subject: I am certain this is Satan’s pet.
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 30, 2013 11:30 am
My friend found this bug in her house in Puerto Rico yesterday. Right now it is in between pluvial and dry season (the only seasons we have in PR). She had her husband pick it up and throw it out the window (she lives in a 3rd floor) and this demonic-looking guy FLEW. It was quite large, about a dollar bill large (or a little bit bigger).
While she doesn’t live in a rural area, it is not uncommon to see rainforest creatures in the urban areas of Puerto Rico.
Signature: Melissa Dailey


Dear Melissa,
This is not Satan’s Pet.  It is a Toe-Biter or Giant Water Bug and it is reported to have quite the painful bite.  Though they are aquatic predators, Toe-Biters or Giant Water Bugs also fly quite well.  They are attracted to lights at night, earning them yet another common name:  Electric Light Bug.  Your letter will not go live to our site before early June since we are going to be away from the office, but we want activity on our site.

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