NOT Imperial Moth Eggs Hatch

Well its only been about 4 hours since I took a photo of them and sent it. But checking on them at lunch time gave us a surprise, they were hatching. So I grabbed 4 or 5 different types of tree leaves to put in the cage. Do they need water?? or is the leaves enough. I really want the little guys to have a chance or turning into those beautiful Imperial moths.
Karen Maier
PS let me know if u want any more photos as they grow or if you have enough of that type. dont want to send any you cant use.

Hi Karen,
These are not Imperial Moth caterpillars. Ed Note:  August 30, 2009.  We do believe they are some Giant Silkmoth. We fear you misidentified your original moth. BugGuide has an image of a newly hatched Imperial Moth, and it does not look at all like your caterpillars. We cannot identify your specimen from this hatchling image. We suspect this is still one of the Giant Silk Moths. If you describe the moth, we may be able to identify it. It would be great if you could take a photo at each stage of development, known as instars. Each time a caterpillar molts, there is a new instar. There are five instars before pupation. You caterpillars will fulfull their water needs through the leaves they eat. Thank you for noting in your photo title that the eggs hatched after four days.

Sad Update
Im sorry to say that all of our babies died. Im not sure why, I gave them the leaves from the tree they came from and a few others too. but they just sat around and didnt seem interested in them. and by today they were all gone. I wish we could of found out just what kind they were.

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