NOT Carrot Beetle but Ox Beetle

I live in Tucson, Arizona and I found this beetle outside on my front porch. I thought it resembled a ‘ Megasoma punctulatus’ after looking on Google but then I realized that the horn like points on its head were reversed. It has three points above its head resembling an upside-down triangle. Thanks. Hi, Sorry for another E-mail but I forgot to include that it is two inches in length. Thanks again,

Hi Leon,
This is a Carrot Beetle, Tomarus gibbosus, and it is a new species for our site. You can find more information on BugGuide, which states that it ranges from “coast to coast.”

Correction: Oops, we erred (07/28/2008)
Hope your lecture at the Getty went well!
… Aside, on the “carrot beetle” from Tucson: they don’t get anywhere near two inches long! The insect in the image is a female ox beetle, Strategus aloeus. I’d be curious to know where in Tucson (it is a sprawling city) the person found it. I think that covers all your questions. Keep up the great work.
Eric Eaton

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