Northern Caddisfly or Snow Sedge

Subject: Insect/Bug, Sitka Alaska
Location: Sitka, Alaska
March 18, 2013 9:15 pm
I actually found this bug inside our home. I thought it was a piece of plastic that came off of our grocery’s that we brought home. It looked shiny. I thought it was a sliver of plastic until I scooped it up and it moved in my closed hand. I kinda screamed and dropped it fast. Mind you I am a 50 year old Tlingit woman who was born and raised in Alaska. My husband calls me an ”urban indian.”
After I washed my hands in both the kitchen and bathroom sink, I composed myself and decided to rescue the insect by trapping it with a mason jar and piece of paper. It crawled on the paper and I put the mason jar over it and took it outside. I placed it on the wood deck and watched it for a long time. It only crawled around and stood still for most of the time.
It is about 2 inches long.
It has black beady eyes.
Long antennae’s.
Long skinny shiny brown and white spotted wings that hug its body at the side.
I’ve seen the wing colors in all various shades of brown and even orange. Like fish egg orange.
Sometimes spotted and not. Their wings look shiny too.
I’ve seen them with their legs and wings tucked in, so they look ultra skinny, hard to spot.
I think they like to hang around the Alaskan wet woods.
I’ve occasionally seen them and wondered what kind of bug is it.
My twin sister in Juneau said they never see that kind there.
Thank you very much!
Signature: Scared of insects, but fascinated with them

Snow Sedge
Snow Sedge

Dear Scared of insects, but fascinated with them,
We hope our response will prompt additional curiosity and not fear and loathing.  This is a Northern Caddisfly and previous research unearthed the common name Snow Sedge.  Please see our previous posting on the Snow Sedge for more information and links to our research.  Caddisflies cannot survive in polluted waters, so their presence is an indication of the purity of your local streams and ponds.

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