(No Longer) Unknown Nicaraguan Cerambycid: Deliathis nivea

Nicaraguan cerambycidae
I found this beetle in Jinotega, Nicaragua, and thanks to your fantastic and facinating site I was able to idetify it as a member of the family cerambycidae. With that information I’ve been all over the net but without any luck. It’s about 4 – 5 cm long. I know you can help! Best wishes,
Gerdur Gestsdottir

Hi Gerdur,
Contrary to what many might think, we do not have all the answers, and we also need to research many on the submissions that come our way. We tried for about a half an hour to identify your Cerambycid, but to no avail. Hopefully, one of our readers might have the answer or perhaps the time to continue searching.

Update: (06/23/2007) About the Unknown Nicaraguan Cerambycid
I tried with this one and did not get very far. Sources say that the insect fauna of Nicaragua, although very rich, has not yet been very well investigated because of the history of political turmoil in the country. From what I read online, one man who has done a lot of extraordinary work there is Jean-Michael Maes of the Museo Entomological, in Leon. His multi-volume book “Insectos de Nicaragua” is an attempt at a comprehensive catalogue, but I don’t think it has each individual species illustrated. Volume II is the volume that covers the beetles. There is also a website which I think is his: www.insectariumvirtual.com And Maes’ email address is: [email protected] Perhaps Gerdur could send the image directly to Jean-Micheal Maes? If anyone would know what this is, he would.

Thanks Susan,
Knowing that insects ignore international borders, we tried searching Costa Rican insects since there is a very developed tourist trade there, but half an hour produced no leads.

Update: (06/23/2007) Nicaraguan cerambycid
Hi Guys:
The bycid from Nicaragua is Deliathis nivea. Its found from southern Mexico to Panama.

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