Nicest Anagrammatical Subject Line in a long time: Insect is Booklouse

Unknown very tiny incest in kitchen cuboard
Location:  Winnipeg Manitoba
September 2, 2010 2:11 pm
My wife found these tiny incests in the kitchen cuboard mostly where she keeps crackers,grains,cereals,but not limited to there. Size is less than .5mm,width much less. Very hard to see because of size unless they move, very hard to get a picture even at my macro setting. Look like tiny wood fibres till they move. They move around individually.What are they and what will remove them from the cuboards and keep them out?
Signature:  Freddio


Hi Freddio,
Since you used it twice, we figured your anagrammital play in the subject line was designed to get our attention and it worked.  This appears to be a Booklouse,
Liposcelis bostrychophila, considered by BugGuide to be a “Common domestic species.”   Booklice get their name because they are often found eating starch in book bindings, though they will also feed on starchy food products in the pantry.  BugGuide has a nice photo of Booklice feeding on oatmeal. AskTheExterminator offers some good advice on Booklice control without pesticides, beginning with reducing the humidity in the cupboard area and not storing any foods longer than six months.  Kiwicare offers similar advice.  We posted a letter last autumn that has many great citations.  We will be tagging this as a household pest, though in our opinion, in small numbers they are probably benign and even inevitable in even the cleanest of pantries.

Thanks for your “Quick” response, perhaps I need a better spellcheck or spelling lessons. LOL

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