Newly Molted Earwig

Subject: Newly molted earwig?
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
July 10, 2017 5:34 pm
Hi bugman,
I read on one of the posts that an albino looking earwig could have newly molted and the exoskeleton hasn’t yet hardened. I think I found one with its discarded exuvia. Is this one female? Is this a Forficula auricularia? How long does it take for the new one to harden? Would it eat the old skin cast?
Thank you!!!
Signature: nyctibius

Newly Molted Earwig

Dear nyctibius,
Thanks so much for sending your awesome image of a newly molted Earwig with its exuvia, supporting our previous posting that the light color on an Earwig indicated it was freshly molted.

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  1. Just saw an earwig molting. The casing blew away. The white body stayed put on edge of outdoor table. Whathappens now? I have photos.


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