Newly Metamorphosed Oakworm Moth

what is this bug?
January 19, 2010
this is a florida find. we have no idea what it is other than a moth.
plaes and thank you

Oakworm Moth newly metamorphosed

This is a newly metamorphosed Oakworm Moth in the genus Anisota.  The wings have not yet expanded to their full size.  Sometimes, this fails to happen and the adult moth will never be capable of flight.  BugGuide has a nearly identical photo, and there is also considerable information on the genus posted to BugGuide.

Oakworm Moth

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  1. Female oak worm with two tiny wings found in grass put her on oak tree within 10 mins her secondary wings sprouted! checked again in 20 mins and was already mating with smaller darker male! they stayed engaged for hours. Now resting comfortably in a jar for photo shoot. lil oak shredders!


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