Newly Hatched Woolly Bears, we believe

Subject: Larvae like things on ceiling (Pasadena, CA)
Location: Pasadena, CA
March 23, 2014 2:42 pm
Today we discovered a speck on the ceiling that looks like dirt. Upon closer inspection, they looked like some kind of larvae. Seem to be little sprinkle-like things that are about a mm or two long, and seem to have a blacker dot on end. It’s in a rental apartment, we recently had the place gelled and sprayed for cockroaches, we’ve seen one around. I found a dead moth on the ground the other day, somewhat close to the area. It’s just turning spring here. They don’t move much, I just see some twitching and some hanging down a little bit. I wanted to ask and see if there was anything you knew, and if I should just vacuum them up, or if there’s something more intensive that needs to be done. Thanks in advance!
Signature: Mike

Newly Hatched Woolly Bears, we believe
Newly Hatched Woolly Bears, we believe

Dear Mike,
We believe these are newly hatched Woolly Bears, the caterpillars of a Tiger Moth, possibly the Painted Tiger Moth,
Arachnis picta, which flies in Southern California in the winter.

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