Newly Hatched Leaf Footed Bugs

Subject: Insect emergence
Location: North Florida
December 15, 2013 8:17 pm
Hi! This looks like an emergence of insects from the sack that looks like a twig. The sack is attached to a cement block wall of my mom’s house near Jacksonville, FL. I wasn’t able to find any other pictures like this on my Google search. I thought they might be spiders but I’m not sure. Can you help?
Signature: Donna

Newly hatched Leaf Footed Bugs
Newly hatched Leaf Footed Bugs

Dear Donna,
These are newly hatched True Bugs in the suborder Heteroptera, and hatchlings may be difficult to identify to the species level.  With that said, we believe these are newly hatched Leaf Footed Bugs in the family Coreidae, and there is a photo on BugGuide of hatchlings identified as being in the genus
Leptoglossus that looks very much like your image.  There are several members from the genus in Florida.

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