Newly Hatched Heteropterans in Singapore

Subject: Insects with Eggs on Window
Location: Singapore, South East Asia
December 10, 2013 8:21 am
So I woke up one morning and found 6 small round dots on my window that look like eggs. There were 5 bugs altogether, 2 of them on the eggs and the other 3 around the eggs. The 3 were facing outwards like they are standing guard. They were extremely still except for an occassional movement in their feelers. I am dying to know what they are. The ”eggs” are still on my window.
Signature: J

Newly Hatched True Bugs
Newly Hatched True Bugs

Dear J,
These are newly hatched True Bugs in the suborder Heteroptera.  Our best guess is that they are in the family Coreidae, the Leaf Footed Bugs or Big Legged Bugs.

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