Newly hatched Hemipterans in Jamaica

aphids on my wall?
I’m in Jamaica (West indies) and I have never ever seen anything like this. They’re all huddled together like they’re praying to a bug god. Then I went to see them when it got dark and they were sleeping in a huddle but away from the line (is that an egg case?). I looked at your site but the only thing I could imagine they are, are aphids but I know aphids live on plants. Please explain to me what these crazy groupie bugs are lol Thank you!!!!

Hi Carrie,
These are newly hatched Hemipterans, probably some species of Leaf Footed Bug in the family Coreidae. Both Leaf Footed Bugs and Aphids are in the order Hemiptera, but they are split into different suborders, with Leaf Footed Bugs belonging to the suborder Heteroptera, the True Bugs, and Aphids belonging to the suborder Sternorrhyncha, the Plant-parasitic Hemipterans.

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