Newly Eclosed Rosy Maple Moth

Subject:  Maybe a grub or caterpillar
Location:  Cosby, Tennessee
September 10, 2016 3:19 pm
We were camping in TN in the great Smokey Mountains of Cosby just this past month (August) when we saw this cute little bug … it moved it’s feet quite fast and it just seemed so cute and happy. Do you know what it is?
I did just discover an even better picture, and I really look forward to hearing back from you.  We asked one of the rangers in the camp, but he had no idea what it might be.
Signature:  Vicki

Newly Eclosed Rosy Maple Moth
Newly Eclosed Rosy Maple Moth

Dear Vicki,
This newly eclosed Rosy Maple Moth will take several hours before its wings expand and it is capable of flying.

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