Newly Eclosed Anise Swallowtail

Subject:  Emerging Anise Butterfly In Trouble
Geographic location of the bug:  West Los Angeles
Date: 08/12/2021
Time: 12:14 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi Bugman,
I’m honored and humbled by your awarding me the Bug Humanitarian Award. And will endeavor to live up to it.
This morning, an Anise Swallowtail emerged from his chrysalis.  It seemed to me unusual that the chrysalis was formed on the fennel plant on which he hatched and fed, so I’ve kept an eye on him.
This was fortunate as the fennel plant has so many crisscrossing branches that there was not enough room for his wings to hang down and stretch out.
So I gently moved him to a better location and his wings did seem to hang properly. I hope it isn’t too late.
By the way, I’ve called this butterfly him because of his small size. The females I’ve seen ovipositing were much larger. Is this assumption correct?
How you want your letter signed:  Jeff Bremer

Anise Swallowtail

Hi again Jeff,
In our experience with Eastern Tiger Swallowtails, the female is generally larger, and it is entirely possible the same is true for other Swallowtails.

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