Newest Winner in the House Centipede Photo Contest

Another Centipede
Can you ever have enough centipede pictures? I wanted to provide a point of reference to this picture, but I was afraid of spooking the bug. This critter was hanging out on my bedroom wall. I estimate the main body length to be about 2." How about a contest for the best dead centipede? Every now and then I come across a dead one in the basement. They have a very unique way of dying!
Tom S, Minneapolis

Hi Tom,
In the unlikely event that we would ever run a best dead House Centiped photo contest, we would have to limit it to a natural death since we do not condone the carnage. Barring that contest, we have decided to award you the Newest Best House Centipede Photo award.

5 thoughts on “Newest Winner in the House Centipede Photo Contest”

  1. I just saw 2 really big centipedes in my house. I don’t want to kill them but I’m reading on some of these sites that they bite and can produce an allergic reaction. My partner is allergic to bees. Do I have a problem?

    • We are not qualified medical professionals. We would suggest that your partner consult with the professional that diagnosed the allergy to bees.


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