Netcasting Spider from Australia

Subject: What’s this strange spider?
Location: Australia, Melbourne
February 16, 2013 12:32 am
I am from Australia, and as I opened my garage door on a hot summer day I noticed this creature on the door. Initially I thought it was a twig as it remained stationary, but it began crawling upwards once I pulled the door down; completely to my surprise. It appears to me like some kind of spider, but I can not be sure. Could you help me?
Signature: Bo

Netcasting Spider

Hi Bo,
This is a Netcasting Spider,  probably 
Deinopsis subrufa and judging from the size of the pedipalps, it is most likely a male.  The website Where Light Meets Dark has a very nice profile on this species.  More information be found on the Spiders of Australia website.  Jennifer Marohasy’s websitehas some great photos that show how the Netcasting Spider got its common name.

Netcasting Spider

Alright, thanks for the help!


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