Netcasting Spider from Australia

Subject: What is this insect?
Location: Perth WA
February 19, 2016 10:01 pm
I found this on my fence outside, there was a spider web around it, but I’m not sure if it came from the insect or anything spider. I tried to search this insect but couldn’t find anything in relation to it, the insect has 6 legs and I’m really curious to know if it is poisonous or not. Thank you hope you can get back to me 🙂
Signature: From Christelle

Netcasting Spider
Netcasting Spider

Dear Christelle,
Though it does not appear to have a net, we believe this is a Netcasting Spider in the family Deinopidae, which is pictured on Brisbane Insects where it states:  ” The species in this family are large and slow moving spiders. They have long body and stick like legs. Their bodies are light brown or grey in colour. They do not build permanent web, instead, they hold the net and throw it towards their prey.”  The Spiders of Australia site has a Deinopidae page where it states:  “The net-casting spider is a common spider and is also often seen in documentaries because of its unique way of catching prey. The spider positions itself, head down, and grasps the rectangular capture net with its four front legs. If a walking insect is detected, the net is pushed over the victim that gets ensnared. Flying insects, like moths, are caught by flicking the web backwards.   The web is made of non-sticky cribellate (woolly) silk. Insects gets entangled in the wooly structure.  The spider relies heavily on its eye-sight. The eyes are arranged in three rows. Two of her eight eyes are extremely large.   The spider is active during the night and during the day she remains camouflaged on a tree bark. Her body length varies between 1.5 and 2.5 cm and they are light rusty brown coloured.” Your individual appears to be missing a leg.

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