Net-Winged Beetle from Vietnam

Subject: Identify; orchid garden bug
Location: Vietnam, SE Asia
November 16, 2016 11:12 pm
Can you help identify the bug in photo; I am an amateur orchid gardening grower and this is a new species of bug that has appeared.
Signature: David

Net-Winged Beetle
Net-Winged Beetle

Dear David,
This is a Net-Winged Beetle in the family Lycidae, and according to Delta:  “Lycid adults are commonly seen flying at dusk and may be found in flowers or on foliage. Some adults may be nectar-feeders, but others probably do not feed at all. Larvae occur under bark or in leaf litter; they are liquid feeders, but there is little reliable information on their diet.”  According to BugGuide:  “Adults eat nectar and honeydew. Larvae: Despite anecdotal reports of carnivory, most, if not all, feed on myxomycetes or metabolic products of fungi.”  This beetle will not harm your orchids and the larvae might be living in the bark you use to cultivate the orchids. 

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