Net Winged Beetle from Costa Rica

Subject: beetle
Location: Costa Rica
May 5, 2016 8:20 pm
i found this bug at envision it was love heart shape it was blue and yellow striped and it flies please identify this bug thanks.
Signature: Ryder

Net Winged Beetle
Net Winged Beetle

Dear Ryder,
Congratulations on recognizing that the Net Winged Beetle in the family Lycidae is actually a Beetle because it is frequently mistaken for a moth.  We suspect it might be the North American species
Calopteron reticulatum, the Banded Net Winged Beetle which is reported on BugGuide as being from Mexico as well.  Insects do not respect international borders.

Hi Daniel,
thank you for replying to my email, I’m so happy i know what it is now.
what a great job you have, i love bugs so much,and I’m living in Costa Rica and i also saw a peanut head moth it was so amazing to see there is so many amazing bugs there thanks.

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