Nest of a Leafcutter Bee

I’m Baffled
Hi I love this site for all my buggy needs I found today in my garden under the soil these tightly wrapped leafs with a yellow stuff inside. When I squished one it was really sick. There were several of them in a location. Any Idea as to what it is? I never took and pictures but I did find one on the web that someone took but they never knew what it was too Please help me identify this

Hi Barb,
We are guessing that because you sent us this photo, you consider posting to our site as an authorized use. We have cropped out the copyright plantfreak78, 2008 and unauthorized use prohibited information as well as the mention of Dave’s Garden website that we occasionally cite on our site because of size constraints. You have uncovered the nest of a native Leafcutter Bee. They cut leaves and roll them and fill them with pollen before laying eggs. Leafcutter Bees are important native pollinators, but their solitary behavior does not make them candidates for exploitation like the domestic Honey Bee.

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