Neon Cuckoo Bee from Australia

Subject: Black and Blue insect
Location: Canberra Botanic gardens
January 29, 2013 11:00 pm
Was gathering pollen the same as bee’s
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Neon Cuckoo Bee

This appears to be a Neon Cuckoo Bee, Thyreus nitidulus, which we identified on the Brisbane Insect website.  According the the Brisbane Insect website:  “The Neon Cuckoo Bee are cleptoparasitic in the nest of Amegilla sp.. Neon Cuckoo Bee female does not make its own nest. It lays egg in the nest of Blue-banded bee. Female places an egg in a partially completed brood cell. After the blue-banded bee finishes provision and seals the brood cell, the cuckoo bee egg hatches into larvae and feeds on the provisions stored by Blue-banded bee. ”  This is a new species for our site.

Thank you Daniel. Only wish the pic came out better.

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